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Scarlett Dwyer

Scarlett Dwyer

Director of First Impressions


“I’m the Director of First Impressions,” Scarlett says, “I’m the first person you will talk to when you call into our office for the first time.”

Scarlett is a long-time member of the Four Seasons team,and has her finger on the pulse of everything that goes on at the firm. “I’ve been with the firm since 2003,” she says. “I have a wonderful relationship with our clients. I enjoy talking with people, serving people, listening to stories, hearing about adventures. I’m Michael’s eyes and ears, and I share his passion for helping others achieve their dreams.”


Scarlett and her husband have been together for over 30 years. “We have two beautiful children together and three adorable grandchildren,” she says. She and her husband love life together, taking long weekends, visiting Florida to escape the Midwest winter and finding all the great food and coffee shops wherever we are!

Scarlett has a passion for eating healthy. She loves to support local farms, getting food fresh, the way God intended. “As long as I’m alive on this earth, I want to be healthy and strong.”