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Bob Sutter

Bob Sutter

Financial Planner


Bob has been in the financial industry since 2006. He started as an independent financial advisor but then moved into a coaching-teaching role onboarding new advisors and helping them learn the ropes. From there, he spent some time in the retirement industry but soon realized his passion was financial planning and helping families plan for and achieve their financial goals.

There is an old military adage that goes something like “no plan survives initial contact intact.” This essentially means having a plan with contingency options is crucial to success. Bob uses this philosophy in his career Financial Planner because he believes it gives his clients the greatest chance of achieving their life goals and dreams.

Bob graduated from the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York in 1989 and was commissioned as an Army Field Artillery Officer. He served spent more than seven years in the Army as a Field Artillery and Engineer Officer, reaching the rank of Captain. Bob was stationed in Oklahoma, Germany, and Missouri.

Bob earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and is a graduate of the Field Artillery Captain’s Career Course. Bob has also worked as a manufacturing engineer for a defense contractor and as a major account engineer in the telecommunications field.


Bob was born and raised in St Louis and is an avid Cardinals fan. He also enjoys golf, fishing, hunting, woodworking, and spending time with his two goldendoodles, Simba and George. He is devoted to his wife of 32 years and his two sons and their families. He strives to set an example of being a loving, responsible person for his sons and their families.

“I have always lived by asking myself: how would my actions look on the front page of the newspaper?” Bob says. “If my actions would bring honor to myself and my family, then proceed. If they would bring disrespect to myself or my family, I need to reevaluate those actions.”