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Who We Are

Servants, educators and partners.

Most people aren’t sure about how to plant financial seed that will produce a robust crop — and can benefit from the help of someone who does. Someone who will guide them, encourage them, educate them, and serve them from planning, to planting, to nurturing, to harvesting. And that’s exactly what Michael and his team will do.

Our expertise focuses on your personal journey through life.

  • We are servants.

    In fact, we believe the level of service we provide for our clients is second to none. Because financial planning, investing, and managing are complicated. There are many moving parts and lots of important details that must be tended to. So that’s what we do. We tend. We serve. We monitor. We answer. We are there for our clients, day in, day out, giving them what they need to be confident about the future.

  • We are educators.

    You cannot make informed decisions if you don’t understand the options. For example, you cannot make a choice about asset allocation if you don’t understand the concept of risk tolerance.

    However, far too often, financial advisors and wealth managers fail to educate their clients. They make recommendations without providing the all-important underlying explanation. But at Four Seasons, we believe it’s our job to help our clients understand — to educate them — so they can make smart, informed choices about their money and their future.

  • We are partners.

    Nothing matters more to us than people and relationships. We’re not just advisors or wealth managers, we are partners first and foremost. Long-term partners. Because, again, achieving financial goals is all about making a multitude of smart choices over a long period of time. And we want to be by your side for each seed and each decision. Every step of the way.

Meet the Team

Michael Stalka

CEO & Wealth Advisor

(314) 699-9203

Michael is the Managing Partner of Four Seasons Wealth Management, overseeing the vision and culture of the firm, client experience, and community impact.

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Steve Wedel


Steve established his financial consulting practice in 1983 and is a Certified Financial Planner® and a Certified Funds Specialist.

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Rick Wedell

Chief Investment Officer

Rick Wedell joined RFG Advisory as Partner and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) in 2016. As CIO and leader of RFG’s Investment Team, Rick manages multi-asset portfolios and provides strategic insights on asset allocation and portfolio.

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Scarlett Dwyer

Director of First Impressions

(314) 699-9210

Scarlett is a long-time member of the Four Seasons team, and has her finger on the pulse of everything that goes on at the firm. “I’ve been with the firm since 2003,” she says. 

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Kevin Murphy, CFP®


(314) 699-9233

Kevin believes “having a financial plan is essential to future financial success.” He is passionate about helping clients through all of life’s twist and turns and always strives to “help clients make smart decisions with their money.”

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Bob Sutter

Financial Planner

(314) 699-9216

Bob has been in the financial industry since 2006. He started as an independent financial advisor but then moved into a coaching-teaching role onboarding new advisors and helping them learn the ropes.

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Dana Brown

Client Service Administrator

(314) 527-1012

Dana has worked in many facets of our industry and brings extensive experience in Brokerage Operations, Customer Service and Administrative Management.

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